5 Best Email Marketing tools for startups-2021

Email Marketing has proven to be one of the cost-efficient ways of reaching out to prospects. However, increasing competition and strict rules of Email service providers have made it hectic. To overcome these challenges and to understand customer behavior, Email marketing tools came into existence. But, E-mail marketing tools for startups still remained an economical challenge.

 There have been many email marketing tools in the market for a very long time. Some are costly and meant for large-scale enterprises. Many startups find it difficult to adopt such tools.

 In the modern days, some of the best email marketing tools have come up brilliantly well. Further adding a cherry to the cake, these email marketing tools prove to be cost-efficient for startups

In this article, as a digital marketer, I have handpicked some of the best email marketing tools that can help you scale your startup with minimum investment and good ROI.

Jumping on to the topic of the day, here are the top 5 Email marketing tools for startups-2021:

  1. GetResponse
  2. Engagebay
  3. ActiveCampaign
  4. Moosend
  5. Omnisend


Top 5 Email Marketing tools for startups

GetResponse is best known for its campaign builder. The latest campaign builder allows you to build beautiful email templates and execute campaigns. Further GetResponse also provides you with a Sales funnel in its basic version. GetResponse serves you as a whole around CRM software along with email marketing.

With $12 a month, Getresponse allows you to build a vibrant website. Sounds cool right? You come for an email marketing tool & bang! In just $12 you will be able to build a website. Here’s another cool feature, GetResponse allows us to build unlimited landing pages in its very basic plan. Are you planning to run ads for your products? GetResponse allows integration of Fb and Google ads too. 

Moreover, they have advanced plans with a higher cost as well. It depends on the features they provide. However, you can try any of the paid versions for free with their 30days free trial.


Top 5 Email Marketing tools for Startups

The uniqueness of Engagebay is the user experience they offer. The vibrant outlook of Engagebay boosts your employee’s morale. Further, talking from an economic standpoint, Engagebay allows you to use their free plan with limited features. 

This free plan allows you to have 500 contacts and send 1000 emails. You can perform automated email sequences, build landing pages, Chat support, and much more. Serving as an Email Marketing tool, it also provides extensive features of Marketing automation as well. Thus providing a powerful experience as an E-mail marketing tool for startups.

Engagebay has made building email templates look easier, Engagebay’s drag and drop option allows you to build an email template within a minute or 2.

With just $8/month, Engagebay provides 3rd party integrations with their tool. You can integrate your Facebook ads with Engagebay with their basic plan of $8/month. 

If you are kickstarting your startup, I would recommend the free and the basic plan. However, you can feel the difference between the two plans with your hands-on experience. 


Top 5 Email Marketing tools for Startups

Marketing Automation is the most significant aspect which connects your email marketing and the rest. ActiveCampaign gives a free trial for 14 days to experience the intense depth of marketing automation. With the lite plan of ActiveCampaign, you will be able to access 125+ ready-to-use email templates for your next email campaign. The support for APIs and web development tools start from the Lite plan itself.

Further, if you are looking forward to building Facebook custom audiences and landing pages, I recommend giving it a try for their plus version. In the Plus version, ActiveCampaign provides you SMS marketing as an additive with Email marketing. If you are into e-commerce, the plus version allows various integrations to your store.


Do you know which is the most significant factor for email campaigns? It is Testing them. Now the most common type of testing is A/B testing. Along with this, Moosend provides you Email Heatmap testing, which allows you to note down every move of your target. 

You can start with a basic version for free, but the drawback is that you won’t be able to build landing pages. However, for $8 you can use their pro version. The pro version provides you Landing pages and an SMTP server as well.

API access is available in all versions of MooSend. Guess what, MooSend allows 100+ integrations. Isn’t that Insane?


Omnisend allows you to get your first 15000 customers with its 15000 emails for free. In all versions, you will be able to send 15000 emails. However, with its free version, you will only be able to build email campaigns.

If you are running a startup and can spend $16 a month, try the standard version. The Standard version allows you with marketing automation to make utmost use of the 15000 free emails. 

Ominsend understands the startup environment very well. Since you are just starting up, Omnisend provides you with pre-built workflows. It can help you understand the email automation framework very well.

These features come under the Standard version as well.

Building a startup has never been easy. It is a great move to take help from the existing tools in the market. To surpass your competitors, you will have to spend a little more than what they spend. Once you start gaining momentum, then investment in tools will become static in the long run. Hope these 5 Best Email marketing tools help to scale your startups.

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